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CHF 189.50

1 Piece

Best Gift EVER !!!

What do you give your loved one this time? Sure, the best gift ever:

A backpack packed with a can of protein, a tactical food pack and a survival kit with knife, flashlight, etc. Wow.

The gift set 1 includes the following:

- Griffin Rush 12 pack, black
- Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, 908g, Extreme Milk Chocolate
- Tactical Foodpack ECHO,
- Griffin Survival Kit 1.0


Griffin Rush 12 pack

Functional robust backpack for everyday use.

Whether as a gym rucksack for your training gear or as an emergency rucksack in the city or off-road.

The Griffin Rush 12 Pack is made of durable 600D Oxford material and has the following size:
Height / width / depth / volume / weight 40cm / 30cm / 20cm / 24 liters / 1230g

The Griffin Rush 12 Pack is characterized by a velvet-padded compartment for several cell phones or sensitive material, which has to be within easy reach.

A compartment for your hydration system and two-sided (left & right) options for laying the hydration tube. The openings for this can be individually adapted to your product with a knife.

The main compartment can be opened completely so that all material is accessible and you don`t have to rummage around in your backpack to look for something.
It contains 2 compartments made of nets (you can see what`s inside right away from the outside). These compartments can be opened with a zipper.

The large outer compartment consists of 8 compartments (one of which can be opened with a zipper) and two clips can also be opened completely so that every material is accessible.

A small outer compartment for quickly accessible material.

Velcro patch on the front.

System Molle on the front under side to expand your Griffin Rush 12 Pack according to your individual needs.

Currently available in black. More colors will follow. Also the soon available Griffin Rush 24 Pack.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold, 908g

GOLD STANDARD 100% WHEY ™ from Optimum Nutrition is the world`s best-selling whey protein. It provides 24 g of whey protein to support muscle building. After exercise, your body uses proteins to repair and rebuild muscle fibers. Each tasty serving contains 24 g of premium whey protein to support muscle building and 5.5 g of naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids. And all of this with just 1 g of fat, 1.2 g of sugar and 1.6 g of carbohydrates.


Ready-to-mix whey protein powder with sweeteners. The nutritional values ​​vary depending on the taste.

GOLD STANDARD 100% WHEY ™ is best enjoyed the morning after getting up and / or within 30 minutes before or immediately after training. Simply mix a heaped measuring spoon (29.4 g) with 180–240 ml of cold water.

Tactical Foodpack 1 Meal Ration ECHO, 450g

Created for special forces - now also available for you!

The tactical food pack rations Delta, Echo and Foxtrot are designed for short-term challenges. The rations include a Tactical Foodpack meal, various snacks and an energy drink. The extras include a spoon, a tactical drinking cup and a disinfecting hand cleaning cloth. The ration bag is resealable.

Be up to your task!

The package contains the following:

Beef spaghetti Bolognese - net weight 115 g, energy content per serving 542 kcal
Bread - net weight 100 g, energy content per serving 262 kcal
Core Shake Fresh Green - net weight 60 g, energy content per serving 320 kcal
Beef Jerky Original - net weight 40 g, energy content per serving 109.6 kcal
Energy drink wild cherry - net weight 30 g, energy content per serving 114 kcal
Disinfectant wipe
Energy content of 1 meal Ration Echo: 1348 kcal

Net weight: 346 g

Best before date:

8 years for meals
4 years for breakfast
2 years for snacks

Consumption recommendation:

All dishes are fully baked beforehand and 100% freeze-dried. This means that Tactical Foodpack products can also be consumed without adding water. The dish can also be prepared with cold water, it will just take a little longer. We recommend always consuming the food warm.

Griffin Survival Kit 1.0, (13 parts)

You love adventure and you are drawn to the wild again and again. Or you just like to be prepared in everyday life. Are you on the go, need light, have to open something with a knife, want to repair something, tie something up or help someone with an emergency thermal blanket?

Then a Griffin Survival Kit 1.0 is just right for you.

This is the ideal equipment for your next trip or everyday life. Always have it with you, put it in your car or in your backpack.

With the Griffin 1.0 Survival Kit you are optimally equipped for emergencies and can satisfy your basic needs. It consists of 13 parts:

- Tactical military knife
Consists of an 8.5 cm blade, belt cutter and glass breaker on the handle and a belt clip.

- Tactical emergency pen
Robust tact pen made of tungsten steel.
Can be used effectively in emergency situations. This pen is lightweight, portable, and durable. It has a non-slip grip and can be attached to a backpack, jacket, etc. by means of a clip.
With an extremely durable carbon tip that can shatter any window.

-Tactical flashlight
Super bright LED that creates a beam of light.
3 lighting modes - Low - Powerful - Strobe.
Works on a single AA battery,
This flashlight is perfect for everyday use, hunting, camping and any other situation. It is robust, compact and durable.

- Mini LED key chain
Extremely bright LED, ideal for your key ring.

- Emergency thermal blanket
A thermal, windproof and waterproof blanket that stores 90% of body heat.
Dimensions: 130x210cm

- 11 in 1 multifunctional survival card
Can opener and bottle opener
.Ruler: with markings in cm and mm for quick calculations.
.Butterfly Wrench: A great tool for working in small spaces.
.4 position wrench: useful for nuts and bolt heads of various sizes.
. Serrated edge: ideal for cutting wooden branches, ropes, etc.
The Directional Identifier: a great tool to use a compass to reorient yourself in your surroundings.
.2-position wrench: perfect for unusually large screws and bolts.
.Lanyard hole: perfect for carrying.
.Paracord, ideal for fastening or repairing something
.SOS Morse characters
.HELP Morse characters

Durable, strong and made of high quality aluminum alloy.
The two-chamber design delivers a clear sound with up to 118 decibels, which can be heard up to 800 meters away.
Perfect for camping, mountaineering, traveling, running, climbing and more.
Ultralight and portable (only 10g), can be attached to bags or a keychain.

-Wire saw
Stainless steel wire saw

-5-IN-1 paracord bracelet with embedded compass, fire starter, emergency knife & whistle.

-Bottle holder
Perfect for carrying a water bottle on your belt.

- carabiners

- Fire starter

-Shockproof housing, padded
Housing made of durable ABS plastic to keep your gear safe.
Tight locking mechanism for added security.

Dimensions: L, 21, W, 12, H, 5.5
Weight: 595g