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2 x 44 Packs

Universal Nutrition Animal Flex  Aktions-Set

2 x Universal Nutrition Animal Flex, 44 Packs

What is Universal Nutrition`s Animal Flex and how does it work?

Strength athletes put their bodies on heavy weights every day for maximum results. This mental attitude is necessary to be successful in strength and bodybuilding sports.

Most athletes only think about their muscles, forgetting that strong bones, ligaments and tendons are just as important.
If you only try to get as strong as possible as quickly as possible, injuries are inevitable. The foundation has to be strong in order to build strong muscles on it.
This is exactly where the Animal Flex from Universal Nutrition supports you. The product is suitable for all types of athletes and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones with the help of zinc and manganese, among other things.
Dare to think outside the box and take care of your passive structures - for maximum success! One box contains 44 packs.

Consumption recommendation:

Take one pack per day on an empty stomach or with a meal with plenty of fluids.