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CHF 69.80CHF 62.80

2 x 345g

RC1 Breach Aktions-Set

2 x RC1 Breach, 345g

The Breach Redcon1 is a BCAA product with the ratio 2: 1: 1 and ingredients such as coconut water powder, glycerol and taurine, which ensure a better pump and more performance during training. The Breach is an absolutely first-class intra-workout product, which is a real option for every athlete who frequently shows a performance drop during training. Always feeling weaker and sluggish in training?

The Breach provides new energy and gives a little boost to bring out the last few stimuli! In combination with EAA, BCAA are a great way to stimulate protein synthesis and repair muscle damage faster. Taurine and glycerol ensure better blood circulation and thus better regeneration so that you can get back to training faster and harder. Who Breach offers high quality at a low price!

Consumption recommendation:

Consume 1 serving in a drinking bottle together with plenty of water and gradually consume during training.