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2 x 907g

Musclepharm Combat 100% Isolate Sport Aktions-Set

2 x Musclepharm Combat 100% Isolate Sport, 907g

HIGHEST QUALITY PROTEIN CONTENT: If you are looking for the strongest, purest isolate protein powder, MusclePharm is the solution.

It`s packed with 24 grams of fast-acting protein per serving - the highest among the leading brands.

Low Temperature Microfiltration: To protect our protein content and ensure you are getting the highest quality protein supplement, we use a low temperature microfiltration process system.
Pure protein, no carbohydrates or fat: MusclePharm 100% Whey Isolate is pure protein powder that contains no carbohydrates, no fat and no sugar. It provides your body with pure protein for superior muscle building.

Tested and certified by Informed-Choice. Athletes who see the Informed Choice logo on a product can rest assured that it has undergone rigorous controls and tests to ensure that it is not contaminated with banned substances and is safe to use.

Consumption recommendation:

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop of COMBAT 100% ISOLATE ™ with 6-8 fl. Oz. of cold water, milk, juice or a drink of your choice. Vary the amount of water to get the consistency and taste you want. Use non-fat or low-fat milk to increase your protein intake per serving for an amazing milkshake taste.