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2 x 30 Kapseln

Griffin Nutrition CBD Kapseln Aktions-Set

2 x Griffin Nutrition CBD Kapseln, 30 Kapslen

Griffin Nutrition`s CBD capsules contain 15% CBD, an excellent choice if you are looking for a dietary supplement that is easy to digest and provides all the nutrients you need for your everyday life.

The CBD capsules are an ideal addition to your diet as they stimulate the immune system and thus bring body and mind into balance. A natural and nutritious additive for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The CBD capsules are a versatile product that you can benefit from at any time of the day.
The CBD capsules have a calming effect on body and mind and many athletes find it particularly effective in the evening as it gives them a feeling of peace and quiet - ideal for relaxing after a long day.
For a good night`s sleep, some take the capsules just before going to bed.

Consumption recommendation:
1 capsule daily with water.