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2 x 150 Kapseln

Allstars BCAA Mega Caps Aktions-Set

2 x Allstars BCAA Mega Caps, 150 Kapseln


4000mg branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)
2000mg leucine + 1000mg valine + 1000mg isoleucine
easy to swallow capsules
Gelatin-free capsules

Vegan without gelatine without caffeine without creatine without beta alanine without aspartame Little sugar Made in Germany


<0.1g fat
<0.1g carbohydrates
5g protein

Before and / or immediately after training

Recommended intake
Take 4 capsules (1 serving) 30 minutes before and / or immediately after training. Swallow with sufficient liquid. The product is not suitable for children and pregnant women. Keep out of reach of small children. Make sure you have a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.