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Get stronger with the Griffin Training Plate Carrier 05.10.2021


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Always have your tactical food pack with you. 08.06.2021


Rulesfitnes 21.05.2021

Sponsoring / partnership

Griffin Nutrition is a proud sponsor of 

Rico "Ramba" Giger 3 times K1 world champion 

With an unbelievable battle record of 35 fights, 22 wins, 22 knockouts, 1 draw, Rico is ready for his upcoming challenges. 
Rico won a total of 7 trophies: 

WKU K1 Swiss Champion 2015 
SPF MT European Champion 2016 
SPF K1 European Champion 2016 
WKU K1 European Champion 2017 
SPF K1 World Champion 2018 
SPF K1 World Champion 2019 
WKU K1 World Champion 2020 

Rico`s most famous trademark is his Schwyzerörgeli. He has been playing it since the age of 23 and has always opened each of his fights with a self-played serenade. 
Rico also shows a big heart and teaches children as a children`s kickboxing teacher every week. He also regularly participates in various projects with children and adults. You can even book him as a personal trainer who, if you wish, will definitely push you to the limit. 
In addition, in the coming year Rico will launch its own boxing brand - Made of Steel, which will also soon be available from Griffin Nutrition.

The coach for your goals

Marco Schweizer is the coach for your goals. 

His motto: 

When you have achieved your goals, set yourself new goals! Never stop and focus on what`s coming. 

In 2018 Marco set himself the goal of participating in a bodybuilding competition and winning. 

Swiss Bodybuilding Championship 2018 in Basel: 1st place 

Do you need advice on nutrition and strength training? Then you are in the best of hands with Marco.

Sponsoring / Partnership

Sponsoring support / partnership with «BLEU GYM» 

The Bleu Gym under the direction of Pascal Baumgartner is known for the Dutch style kick boxing and boxing. 
Pascal Baumgartner is a qualified WBU coach and trained cutman. 

The trainings take place as follows: 

Monday, 8 p.m .: Thai boxing lady 
Wednesday, 8.30 p.m .: Thai boxing all classes 
Thursday, 8 p.m .: Classic boxing for everyone 
Friday, 6 p.m .: kids training, from 7.30 p.m .: Thai boxing for everyone Saturday, 11 a.m .: fighter training. Only experienced Thai boxers are allowed to take part in this training. 

Social sports coaching is also on offer. The aim is to offer children, adolescents and adults support in the form of an exercise program. Sports as the basis simplifies access to inner balance and gives the opportunity to get to know individual limits in a protected setting. 

Griffin Nutrition looks forward to working with Bleu Gym and wishes them continued success.


Rugby Football Club Basel 

In 1975 the Fédération Suisse de Rugby accepted the Rugby Football Club Basel as a member. Although, strictly speaking, the association existed a year earlier, 1975 is considered the official year of foundation. 
His first game, however, took place in 1974 against Neuchâtel - which he of course won. 
The founders were mostly English-speaking players who, according to legend, scribbled the first association statutes on a paper napkin. This supposedly happened after a darts evening in the “Warteck Pub” - today “Mr. Pickwick Pub ». 

The Rugby Football Club Basel currently consists of the following teams: 
- 1st XV (Tue & Thu 19.00-20.30) 
- Future Team (Tue & Thu 19.00-20.30) 
- 7`s 
- COBS (veterans)
- Birds (women`s team) (Tue & Thu 19.00-20.30) 
- U18 (Tues & Thurs 6.30pm-8pm) 
- U16 (Tue & Thu 6.30pm-8pm) 
- Rugby school (Tue & Thu 17.30-19.00) 
- Tiger Rugby (every 2nd Sunday 10.30am-12pm) 
- Touch Rugby (Mon 19.00-21.00) 

Griffin Nutrition looks forward to working with them and wishes all teams every success.


Rulesfitness is an online fitness clothing and accessories retailer.

Rulesfitness is about innovative, effective and affordable sportswear. 

Dress To Impress - Good clothes for the gym can make a huge difference in how you feel. Your outfit and your efforts should motivate you to move.

With the code: GriffinNutrition10 you receive, exclusively here as a Griffin customer, a 10% discount on your first order at Rulesfitness on

DANGER! Rulesfitness has different suppliers and so the sizes are sometimes different. Always study the size table in the picture gallery of the products carefully and, best of all, measure yourself in advance to choose the perfect size. Free shipping! 

The Rulesfitness team wishes you a lot of fun taking a look. 

In addition to sportswear, at Rulesfitness you will also find smart accessories for your smartphone and your watches as well as accessoriessuch as backpacks, drinking bottles, jewelry, yoga mats and much more. 

Griffin Nutrition looks forward to working with Rulesfitness and wishes them continued success.